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Vinyl Countdown Mobile Disco

We are passionate providers of party atmosphere offering a wide range of music to suit almost every taste! From the swinging 50’s to the present day, we have an ever growing selection of musical styles to offer you.

I have a friendly studio in Newton Abbot where you can come and have your portraits taken, you will get to view and order your photo collection all on the same day. I am currently offering a photo sitting for just £5 and print prices start from just £5.



2 Hour Baby & Child First Aid Classes covering CPR, Choking,
Bumps, Burns, Breaks, Bleeding,

Febrile Seizures & Meningitis Awareness.
Open & Private Small group classes for just £20pp





Bay Baby Massage – Torbay & South Devon

Massage is a lovely way for you to express love and care for your baby, meet new friends in a relaxed setting and enjoy a cup of tea.



Baby signing with Sing and Sign is easy and fun to learn!
Your baby will recognise important words sooner and can     12239521_1669100370002828_2418455381716811798_n
use the signs to “talk” before speech.

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