Rules of Play

By entering Play Cafe, all customers agree to adhere to our following

1) Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children at all times whilst using our facilities. Play Cafe staff monitor the soft play and cafe areas and can offer First Aid assistance, but cannot take responsibility for the children in attendance

2) Socks must be worn at all times on little feet and big feet (Mums and Dads) too, for safety and hygiene reasons

3) Customers are not permitted to bring their own food and drinks into Play Cafe with the exceptions of baby food

4) No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are permitted in soft play areas

5) Children who are unwell must not use the facilities

6) Height and age restrictions apply for the safety of all children and our Managers will enforce them

7) Big Kids Policy (Please see the relevant section)

8) Loose items, money, jewellery, sharp objects should not be taken into the play or framed areas

9) Personal items are left at own risk Play Cafe cannot accept any liability for theft

10) Should an accident or incident occur parents/guardians should immediately inform a member of staff

11) Smoking is not permitted in Play Cafe

12) A ‘Play Nice, Play Fair’ policy operates within Play Cafe

13) Only children 148cm tall and below may use the frame

For the safety and welfare of all customers and staff, any individuals, big or small, who repeatedly ignore our rules may be asked to leave

Play Cafe makes every effort to ensure that the soft play areas are safe and secure for children



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